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To fail or not to fail

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With reference to the Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky Tim Harford writes in the Financial Times that his New Year resolution is to risk more small losses – strange, isn’t it? Kahneman is probably well known for his current bestseller Thinking, Fast and Slow. He and Tversky did…

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Casinos, Gaming & Beyond

Writng - Herzfeld Consulting

Have a look at our blog where we check on developments in the gaming industry and beyond. There are numerous sources of gaming news however at Herzfeld Consulting we put a special emphasis on trends and developments of principal nature for the gaming industry. But we don’t stop there. What…

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An International Consulting Boutique

Herzfeld Consulting - an international consulting firm

Based on more than 35 years experience, from servicing guests on a casino floor to running a multinational group of companies, Herzfeld Consulting is highly competent to address a broad range of business issues. Our clients get a personal service i.e. services tailored to their needs and requirements, and they…

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