Bringing a fresh and creative approach to our client’s business by combining an outside view and expertise with internal knowledge is our way forward.

We listen to our clients, what they want to achieve and what they need to be successful.

We add prudent know how, long experience plus thinking outside the box. To find various options and to work out scenarios enables to leave behind one way thinking and finding no way out of an undesired situation.

Not the problems are in the focus but the solutions – and often there are several of them.


The process

A thorough understanding of the client’s situation is the basis for Herzfeld Consulting’s work. This includes to look not just at the situation at hand but to see how it relates to other parts of the business. By doing this  interdependencies are identified and the consequences of different solutions can be better assessed at a later stage in the process.

An important part of the client’s situation are not only the questions which require answers but also the goals which should be achieved. It may be worthwhile to check these goals whether they are the ‘true’ goals or just the result of the situation and therefore need to be reworked. And not to forget what we call ‘Anti-Goals’ i.e. what shall not happen, which result shall by no means be the outcome at the end.

This is followed by a first round of  looking at different options to move forward. Quite often there are already two options on the table and there is an uncertainty which one is better. At this point Herzfeld Consulting suggests to take the time for first developing more options before the decision is made which one to choose. This broadens the view and helps to find solutions that have previously not been considered.

As a result it could well make sense to work on two options out of five or six and only at a later stage to narrow down to one that will become the solution for the current situation.

Depending on what type of situation a client wants to solve Herzfeld Consulting works, assists, supports to gather information, to plan, to organize and to execute the agreed upon way forward.


Fields of Consulting

Based on its know how and experience Herzfeld Consulting offers its services in the following fields amongst others.

Strategy: developing a new strategy, reviewing an existing strategy, for the whole business, for a business unit; SWOT analysis; business concepts; business planning

Business models: analysis of existing business models; developing new business models; fine tuning of business models

Cooperations and joint ventures: assessments of existing or new cooperations/JVs; identifying possible cooperation/JV partners; facilitating and implementing cooperations/JVs; relationship management; due diligence

Business development:  identifying new business opportunities (land based and online); implementing a business development organization and review of an existing one; assessment of new business opportunities; due diligence

Feasibility studies: market, business, operation and product feasibility studies

Organization and reporting: review of an existing organization and/or reporting system; developing a new organization and/or reporting system; building management information systems; information management

Mergers & Acquisitions: supporting and/or participating in negotiations; assessments of planned M&A activities; identifying opportunities and synergies; working on bringing together different corporate cultures, due diligence


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