An International Consulting Boutique

Based on more than 35 years experience, from servicing guests on a casino floor to running a multinational group of companies, Herzfeld Consulting is highly competent to address a broad range of business issues.

Our clients get a personal service i.e. services tailored to their needs and requirements, and they deal with the boss and not with a rookie fresh from university.

Once Herzfeld Consulting enters into an agreement it is commited to its client, working relentless and dedicated to achieve results.

As a boutique consulting firm we are specialized in working with the gaming industry.  Yet our experience and know how applies to the service industry as a whole, therefore Herzfeld Consulting is open to work for other businesses within the service industry as well.

Our clients can rely on confidentiality and transparency. Unless otherwise agreed Herzfeld Consulting does not talk about its clients, not even for reference purposes. Whenever we see a potential conflict of interest we inform our client. If it is advisable or necessary to talk with or employ a third party we discuss this with our client before doing so.

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