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Having been on boards of private and listed companies in several countries as CEO, Deputy CEO, President, Chairman and regular board member for many years we know what it takes to make a board successful. And sometimes for a special project or to bridge a vacancy an interim manager is the right solution. Both services are part of the portfolio of Herzfeld Consulting.



A successful board consists of people who have a good understanding of the business and also of running a company or group of companies. Board members with a wide variety of  backgrounds who are focused on what is best for the company ensure that a maximum of business issues are covered.

In many cases board members are people with a strong character built over years being experienced and successful in their own businesses. This may lead to conflicts which weaken the board and reduce its efficiency. It is therefore important that board members are also team players working together for best results. While disagreement and lively discussions to find a common understanding amongst board members can be very fruitful emotions shall be kept in line in order not to overshadow rational arguing.

Herzfeld Consulting is commited to good corporate governance. We provide board services by becoming a member of a regular board or an advisory board etc.


Interim Management

An interim manager fills an open spot in your management team for a defined period of time. There may be a project that requires additional management resources for some time. Or there may be a vacancy until a new permanent manager can be found. In these and other cases an interim manager is a quick solution and ensures that a company does not lose time or money due to the lack of management resources.

An additional advantage is that an interim manager brings a fresh and outside view into the company. This can add value in itself as new perspectives become apparent. On the other hand coming from outside for a rather short period of time makes it important that the interim manager fits into the existing management team from day one. Apart from professional skills an interim manager shall command a high degree of social skills.


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